Swindlers Are Looking for Student Targets! (국민대 영자신문 2014년 4월호 1면) 국민리뷰 보기

Swindlers Are Looking for Student Targets!

Mee-So Kim

Opportunistic swindlers and con artists are now targeting desperate university students! Do not regard it as somebody else’s business. They are targeting people with naive minds, like you!  They are trying to take students’ money and taking every method to lay their hands on personal information. Alarmed by these frauds on students, the Financial Supervisory Service had no choice but to issue a warning in February.
So far, there were mainly three ways to take money or lure personal information from university students. The first way is to use the context of government grants. An imposter who masqueraded as an employee of a government  invested company tricks victims by saying that the company is working with the government to find workplace for students. The government seeks talented students and those who wish to join the company need to provide student loan records. After the students get loans from a financial company, the imposter says that if they deposit the money to the company then the company will reimburse the money. The company mentioned is obviously a fake company and they flee once enough money is deposited.
The second way is to pretend to have a family member in scholarship foundation. A university student conned his colleagues by saying that he has an uncle in scholarship foundation, and if a student gets a loan from a financial company and deposits it to school, then the school will secure capital and will provide 20% of the capital as a scholarship. To do so, he said the student had to provide necessary personal records for verification. The student’s personal information was used by the con artist to get a loan without being noticed until it is too late.
The final way is to lure young working applicants.
Taking advantage of their needy situations, swindlers approach part-time working students and indicate that they can recommend students for better working places, and ask for their personal information. Swindlers use the information to get a loan under students’ ownership.
Se-Young Choi, a Kookmin University International and Areas Studies major, said regarding the situation “I didn’t know there were such vicious people taking advantage of students’ desperateness for their own personal gains. I feel so sorry for the victims, and it is frightening that they might try to deceive me when I am trying to get a job later.”
Once swindlers flee with the money either obtained directly from the victims or indirectly using the victims’ personal information, it is almost impossible to get the money back since all the loans are done with proper identity of the victims. Even though the victims prove that they are not the exact persons to borrow the money, the law considers that the victims gave all the rights to the deputy since it is done with their credits. Therefore, what is most important is the prevention of incidents. No matter how sweet the opportunity seems to be, do not lend money from a financial company for scholarship or workplace since most proper scholarship foundation and companies do not require such a practice from students. It is also same for personal information. If someone demands accredited certificate or card numbers, do not provide them without having necessary doubts. Moreover, when confronted with these situations, do not hesitate to call the police or the Financial Supervisory Service to find out whether it is fraud or not. Become more aware, and you will be able to get away from these wicked hunters.


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