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Mentoring Project 2014
Meet Accounting Professional Hun-Sook Jeong

Ju-Eun Kim                                                       
Guest Reporter

People sometimes say as a joke that you can conquer the world if you can speak the three universal languages: Math, English and lastly, accounting. As it is the universal language that enables communication across the world, the role of accounting has long been considered a promising profession. For this issue, the Review has interviewed an accounting professional, Hun-Sook Jeong, for students who are considering pursuing careers in the accounting field. Hun-Sook Jeong is a deputy manager at Wide Corporation ? a manufacturer of professional flat panel displays for medical, air traffic control, maritime, defense, OEM and industrial applications. The following is the edited script from the interview:

When did you become interested
in the accounting area?
I was interested in mathematics since I was young. In high school, I chose a humanities-centered track for studying and majored in accounting. By studying the professional accounting curriculum, I decided to pursue my career in the accounting field.

What do you do at work?
I am in charge of all processes of accounting from overall accounting routines like keeping track of all the entries of bonds, liabilities, and production costs, to reporting the settlement of accounts every month.

How do you spend your day at work?
The accounting task is a busy routine in its nature because most of the work is being done on a monthly basis. Thus I spend most of my days grappling with the computer sitting at my desk while handling everyday work.

What is the most memorable moment
of your career?
I worked as a chief financial officer of Wide Corporation’s Netherlands branch back in 2010. The three years of experience in the Netherlands became a great opportunity for me to closely watch and learn the ways of handling accounting tasks in a foreign country. Also traveling to many European countries is still in my mind as a fond memory.

What do you think students can do to have competency in the accounting field?
If you understand the flow of accounting, it will help you to distinguish yourself from other job applicants or employees, wherever your job may be. I also think you should learn about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software if possible. Companies value the ERP certification so find the educational programs you can take advantage of. If you know how to use the ERP system, it will help you to quickly adjust yourself to your work in the company.

What are competencies for
performing accounting-related jobs?
Companies prefer to hire applicants who have certifications related to the accounting field because it means that they put in their efforts in studying. However, if you are studying for those certifications, I hope you do it with all your heart, not just aim at getting the certification. In addition, accounting careers require strong accountability as it is about money. You always have to be transparent and do not be swayed by anyone. If you do your job based on your personal relationship with your coworkers, later on it could cause a serious problem to your career. Moreover, it is better to train yourself to be meticulous, which will enhance your job performance.

What is your advice to students planning to pursue their careers in the accounting area?
Doing your best in any given job is the foundation. Try to understand the whole picture when you start your work. Check where you belong and what you are expected to do. If you do not know something, please do not hesitate to ask. The active attitude will help you learn more.

What is your vision?
I want to be remembered as a person who adorned the pages of Wide Corporation’s history so people at the company will think of me when they hear my name. Also I want to retire at the regular retirement age and enjoy those years of my life.



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